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Divorce & family issues

During divorce or separation, it’s often difficult to know where to turn for good advice. It’s natural to feel confused and anxious about seeking professional advice, as dealing with the future can seem overwhelming.

We operate throughout Northern Ireland with one of the most experienced family law teams of divorce solicitors. We put your interests first, making sure that you understand the process, the potential costs and the possible outcome. We never take action without explaining the potential costs to you. We pride ourselves on clear, straightforward explanations of potential outcomes and the implications for you.

Our solicitors advise on the following areas –

  • Children – expert advice on custody, access and contact.

Our team of specialists help you and your family through the process. Contact Karen Cox today to start to set your circumstances on a firmer footing.

  • Divorce – sensitive, practical and professional advice to help you deal with your situation practically. Contact Lloyd McKeag today for advice.
  • Money and Property – our track record covers straightforward cases and extends to those involving complex and substantial assets. Many commercial law firms aren’t interested in divorce cases, but we readily accept instructions from clients, whatever your level of assets or complexity of arrangements.

To receive the best possible advice contact Lloyd McKeag today on 028 9045 3449 or email him at Lloyd@reidblack.com

Where parties can’t compromise about settling divorce issues, parenthood actions or custody disputes, the courts make a resolution in a procedure called litigation. In litigated family law, one or both parties may hire counsel. Each person can present proof, which the court uses to create orders. Our team of experienced professionals can help you deal with and win these cases.

Wills & inheritance

Putting off making a will is very common. For many people, the thought of making a will at a solicitor’s office is something they prefer to think about another day.

Many people are concerned about the cost of making a will.  However, we always recommend you consider it, because of the benefits to you –

  • Make sure your next of kin and loved ones receive the money or property you choose
  • Leave instructions about how you wish your children to be cared for, should both parents pass away
  • Reduce Inheritance Tax amount
  • Make specific directions about items with sentimental or financial value, and name the people you choose to have them
  • Make charitable donations
  • Advise your loved ones about burial or cremation
  • Make sure your children inherit, even if your surviving spouse re-marries
  • Provide for disabled dependants’ care

How we can help you

We can arrange a meeting at either our Belfast or Ballyclare office.

Contact either our Belfast office on 02890 453449 or our Ballyclare office on 02893 352221 or email Karen Cox at karen@reidblack.com to discuss making your will.

Child custody

In many cases, couples cannot decide on visitation or custody plans. Courts normally choose custody plans that are in the children’s best interests. Courts have numerous options about which parent should have guardianship. In highly litigated cases, the court may appoint a barrister for the children, or have an assessor meet with the parents and children. They will help the judge decide which parenting strategy is in the children’s best interests.


Sometimes parents quarrel over who the father of a child is. Courts may oblige parents to take DNA tests to determine paternity. Numerous factors mean that someone who is not the biological parent may claim paternity rights. If the court believes it suitable, they litigate matters of “presumptive parenthood.” We can help you present a strong case to the courts.

Bereavement services

The death of a loved one and the responsibility of dealing with estate administration, wills and probate can be extremely stressful.

Whether you are acting as executor or administrator, we advise and support you to deal with issues around estate administration.

You may think you must instruct the solicitor holding the deceased’s will. However, you can choose to instruct any solicitor. Our highly experienced team can answer any questions you have during this difficult time.

We provide initial advice with no obligation. Our approach is sensitive and understanding. If you choose to instruct us, we give you a dedicated point of contact, so that the same person supports you throughout. Please let us help and feel free to contact us with your questions.

Talk to Lloyd McKeag in our Belfast office on 028 9045 3449 or email him at lloyd@reidblack.com



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